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Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Welcome to Nanik Energy Training and consultancy

Our Programs Cover

Meticulously Crafted Programs

We provide global training seminars and programs for Oil & Gas, Mining, Maritime and Corporate Institutions. From technical, to safety, leadership, and project management, Nanik Training Services has you covered. 

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Why choose us?


Customized Trainings

We meticulously review your organizational goals and processes, and design the most effective combination of training programs geared towards the skillset gap of your personnel and the larger needs of your organization.


Effective Trainings

Our seasoned and skilled trainers ensure all our programs are engaging and impactful to their audience. They know how to adjust the delivery style in real-time to ensure each program meets its intended purpose.


Cost Efficient Trainings

We utilize a blend of in-house, independent contractors & partner organization to optimize the costs of our training programs & seminars. As longterm partners, we work hard to satisfy all your organization's training needs.

Sarah Anderson

"Nanik Energy Services' IPIMS platform has been invaluable for our engineers, keeping us competitive in Upstream Technology. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their training offerings, empowering professionals like us."

Carlos Rodriguez

"Nanik Energy Services has revolutionized competency management with their tailored models and CMS Online. They've raised the bar in workforce development."

Emily Chang

"Nanik Energy Services' Boston Public Offerings are engaging and essential for our team's management skills. Their commitment to excellence in empowering oil and gas professionals is commendable."

Our Happy Clients

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Our meticulously crafted training programs are designed to empower business professionals with the essential skills required for enhancing their competence, elevating their performance, and ultimately steering their organizations towards resounding success.

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